Owner/Driver: Andy Hoffman

Home Town: Huntington, Indiana

Web Site:

Truck Facts: 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, 557 Chrysler Hemi engine, Lenco 3 speed transmission.

Outstanding Achievements: Andy bought this truck from Kirk Dabney in 1994. This is Andy's first Monster Truck. He made several design changes to Nitemare, most notibly taking the engine out of the front, and making it a rear engine race truck. A set of 4 coil-over race shocks were also added to soften the landings. Since owning this truck he has flipped it 2 times in competition.

Sponsors: Cooks Body Shop - Auburn Indiana, Russ Moore Transmissions, Skyjacker Suspensions, Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes.

Truck Created by: Kirk Dabney (Extreme Overkill)

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